Apply for: College, University, Trade School, Technical Institutes


Step 1: Apply Online
Apply early!  Many schools fill their programs on a first qualified, first admitted basis.

The application deadline for many BC post-secondary schools is February 28th.  Visit websites of the post-secondary schools of interest to confirm the application process and deadlines.  Make sure to read our blog post Career & Education Options  and remember, if you need any assistance, visit your Career Centre.

Step 2: Arrange to have your marks forwarded to the post-secondary school.
For students planning to attend a BC or Ontario post-secondary school, if you apply before February 28, arrange to have your marks submitted to the post-secondary school by completing the online Electronic Post-Secondary Institutions (PSI) Choices Form .

Step 3:  If you plan to apply to a university in the U.S.A., plan to write the S.A.T. or A.C.T.

More information at:

Step 4: Self-Report Your Grades
Many schools require that you “self-report” your marks.  Other schools require you to send a paper transcript.  Be sure you understand the requirements of the schools for which you are applying.

Step 5:  Apply for scholarships, bursaries, student loans, etc.
Visit the Financial Aid website of the post-secondary school you plan to attend. See the Scholarships section of this blog for up to date information (and sign up to follow blog by email!), and don’t forget to visit the Career Centre where you can look through the scholarships binder.

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