Webinars from July 6th – 9th, 2021

Mandated from the CEO of Black Press we host career and education events to assist people in the communities both on the business front as well as the public necessity. We help match employers with potential employees and potential students with educational institutions.

Our Career and Post-Secondary Education Events have proven to become a vital part of the marketplace today, giving opportunity for people to explore all options, while allowing the employers to really promote why an individual would consider opportunity with their company. The number and diversity of participating organizations speaks to the necessity of the Career Events in today’s job market space and Black Press is happy to play a significant role in changing the future landscape of the recruitment needs.

In order to spread the word, I am reaching out to you to please post the attached posters anywhere you can, sharing our event through any e-mail correspondence, social media, job boards and word of mouth.

This is a great community initiative supporting local residents and employers. Please do what you can do to help make this a great success, we are invested in the local community.

To register for the career and post secondary-education webinars please visit: https://events.blackpress.ca/lowermainland/ 

*Corrections Officer
*General Labour
*Shipping & Warehouse Worker
*Sortation Associate
*Auto Glass Installers
*Registered Nurse
*Skilled Labourer
*Skid Steer Operator
*Warehouse Positions
*Courier Drivers

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