Careers in Law Resource

Careers in Law Resource
We were disappointed to learn that COVID restrictions prevented the running of Legal Boot Camp again
this year. Fortunately, Raise the Bar Society now offers a virtual mentorship program to students
interested in the legal profession. As well, Raise the Bar recently developed a video to promote careers
in law.
Information about the new resources is provided below. Please share this information with Law 12 and
CLC 12 teachers.
Raise the Bar Educational Video and Program Description
Raise the Bar is a Vancouver-based, not-for-profit initiative supporting students from diverse
backgrounds seeking to enter the legal profession in British Columbia. Led by a team of young lawyers,
Raise the Bar offers free one-on-one virtual mentorship to aspiring law studentsfrom the Surrey School
District. Further information about this initiative and their programming can be found on their
Raise the Bar has created an educational video to be shared with students in high-school law or career
planning courses. The video covers all of the necessary introductory topics for aspiring lawyers,
including information on the legal profession, law school application tips, common myths about the
profession, and a specific call to action to diverse youth.
The video can be viewed on YouTube with the following link: It is
complete with subtitles, which can be toggled on/off.
Raise the Bar encourages students and teachers to contact them with any and all follow-up questions
they may have after viewing the video. Raise the Bar lawyers are eager to mentor aspiring law students
from the Surrey School District. They can be reached through the ‘Contact Us’ page of their website, or
by email at:
Nikhil Pandey
Raise the Ba

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