KPU Fall 2021 Indigenous High School on Campus

KPU Dual Credit opportunities are geared toward students in their Grade 12 year.

Please remember that students must be enrolled in eight high school courses in order to participate in this opportunity.  Please pick up an application from Mr. Fisher ASAP

Please forward application packages to the career dept by May 20, 2021.

Fall 2021 Indigenous High School on Campus
Course Descriptions
*course offerings and descriptions subject to change
IDEA 1100 Interdisciplinary Foundations (3 Credits)
Students will explore various practices, skills, and disciplines to further their academic,
personal, and professional development. They will examine interdisciplinary inquiry and
creativity, the uses of interdisciplinary academic approaches, and the applications of
interdisciplinarity in culture, education, and professional domains. They will learn
interdisciplinary skills through individual projects, group work, and the development of
online portfolios.

INDG 1100 Introduction to Indigenous Studies (3 Credits)
Students will learn about the histories, cultures, and contemporary situation of Indigenous
peoples in North America, with special attention to Indigenous peoples in Canada. They
will explore pre-contact histories and cultures, and critically examine and challenge
assumptions acquired from colonial culture. Students will develop informed views on
Indigenous cultures and histories. Students will be exposed to elements of Indigenous
teachings and traditional knowledge from various Indigenous perspectives, including
those of Elders and local communities

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