STEM Leadership Program

Applications for our new volunteer program at Geering Up have opened up! We invite high school students to join us as Leaders-in-Training in our new STEM Leadership Program.
Program Information:The UBC Geering Up STEM Leadership Program is a year-long initiative focused on the professional development and training of high school students for the purposes of establishing strong values indicative of a STEM Ambassador. The summer component of the program will focus on training and professional development in addition to volunteer work with Geering Up. This time will provide the Leaders-in-Training with the tools they need to be successful STEM Leaders in the future. Leaders-in-training are volunteers who support our summer camps for kids. They will work closely with our instructor team to deliver and share STEM to youth in a hands-on and dynamic learning environment. This program is only open to high school students going into grade 10 and above in September 2021. A full description of the program can be found here. The application deadline for this program is April 25th.

STEM Leadership Program | UBC Geering Up

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