Hiring Event is February 11th from 1-3pm. Walmart 

My name is Trina Pacey, employment coach with the YMCA Youth Employment Program and BC Coordinator for InterviewME.  We are excited to share another employment opportunity for youth in your area. The InterviewME program’s major objective is conducting hiring events with large employers. We ensure each candidate is suitable for the company and position before the direct interview, to ensure a good fit for both the candidate and company. After a pre-interview workshop, we set up interviews, bypassing the standard application process. For more program information: Home – Opportunity For All Youth The next hiring event is February 11th from 1-3pmWalmart is looking to fill several openings for positions such as:

Cashier/Customer Experience Associate

Merchandising Store Associate

E-Commerce Store Associate 

Fresh Food Store Associate

Administrative Store Support

in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, and Coquitlam. Availability of positions are location dependent.
Position Requirements:

  • Minimum 20 hours per week availability + weekend availability
  • Availabilityto attend hiring event from 1-3 on Thurs Feb 11
  • Skills vary with position

For this opportunity, applicants may be employed or in studies as long as they fill these above requirements. If your client is unsuccessful or unsuited to this event, there will be more positions in the future.

If you have interested clients/students, please have them register at 1. BC Sign Up Form – Formstack

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