Kite Challenge “The Sky is the Limit” Grade 9-12

Kite Challenge “The Sky is the Limit”
Do you have stuff laying around the house that you could upcycle to create a kite? How about your recycling bin? We have an interesting challenge for you!
Contest Details:
Send us your DIY (Do it Yourself) Kite photos for a chance to win! • The deadline to enter your photos is October 12 no later than 6pm. • Contest will be judged in three age categories: Grade K-4, Grade 5-8, Grade 9-12. • The winners of each age group will receive a $100 e-gift card!!
Steps to Enter:
1.Take a photo that includes you during the construction of your kite. 2. Take a close-up photo of the finished product. 3. Send both photos of your finished product to or on Facebook or Instagram before the deadline. 4. Please submit name, grade, school and town/city of residence with your photos. *Grade 9-12, your challenge will be to add a second tier to your kite!
Make sure to be as creative as you want with the use of items found around the house, extra points for design and style!
Note: • Photos will be posted to Skills Canada BC social media pages unless otherwise requested by the submitter. Photos must be appropriate for all audiences. • Any offensive photos will not be posted and are automatically disqualified.
Make sure to stay tuned throughout the school year for more cool Skills Canada BC content!

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