Youth Work in Trades

Congrats to J.T Balfour

Youth Work in Trades is an educational program jointly supported by the Ministry of Education and the Industry Training Authority (ITA). Through participation in Youth Work in Trades, students earn credit toward secondary school graduation and begin earning work-based training hours toward provincially and nationally recognized industry training program credentials.
Students enrolled in these courses go to work and attend high school at the same time. That means they have found an employer who is willing to take them on (and pay them) as an apprentice.
Students that are 15 or older can enroll in this program. They must also formally register with the Industry Training Authority as Youth Apprentices. Successful completion of the program earns students 16 credits towards graduation. Some may also qualify for the Youth Work in Trades (WRK) Award, a $1000 award given to students for sustained and exceptional work as an apprentice.
If you are a high school student already working as an apprentice, speak to your career facilitator about signing up for this program.
$1000 Award Criteria
Students who are eligible for the Youth Work in Trades Award will automatically be considered. There is no need to apply. To be eligible, students must have:
Been registered with the Industry Training Authority as a Youth Apprentice
Graduated with a Grade 12 Dogwood Diploma or Adult Dogwood
Successfully completed WRK 11A, WRK 11B, WRK 12A, and WRK 12B
Maintained a C+ average or better on Grade 12 numbered courses *
Reported a total of at least 900 hours to the ITA by December 31 of the school year the student turns 19

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