KPU Courses


There are a wide range of entry-level and transferable
courses that require no additional pre-requisites. Some
of the introductory courses might include:
• Psychology
• Criminology
• International Relations
• Philosophy
• Sociology
• Interdisciplinary Foundations
• Marketing
• Organizational Behaviour
Each semester, courses will be offered from
4:00 – 7:00pm, on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
evening at the Surrey campus. You will choose
one of these days to attend. The Fall Semester is
September to December while Spring runs from
January to April.
Please note each university course usually requires
6-9 hours per week of additional study and
homework time.
You can apply while in Grade 11 to participate in
On-Campus in Grade 12.
These On-Campus courses that students take will
count as dual credit towards university and high
school graduation. As such, there are no tuition
charges and you can take KPU courses for free
($500 per course). In addition, KPU will waive the
application and associated student fees. The only
cost to students will be for textbooks, which are
approximately $100 per course. Textbooks are
available through the KPU bookstore at the Surrey

See Mr.Fisher for an application.

Return completed application package to Mr.Fisher before:
May 5, 2014

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