Interested in Work Experience?

What is work experience you ask?  In a nutshell, work experience is a 4 credit course where the students investigate possible future career choices by volunteering in the local community.

In a work experience course the student will learn the following:

Workplace Health and Safety

  • •apply hazard recognition and injury prevention skills in a work experience placement
  • demonstrate knowledge of basic workplace incident and accident response procedures and protocols
  • demonstrate knowledge of workplace health and safety rights and responsibilities
  • analyze hazards or potential hazards in an occupation or industry sector related to a work experience placement (e.g. restaurant industry, construction industry)

Secure and Maintain Work

  • apply job search skills, including resume writing and a job interview for work experience placements
  • demonstrate an understanding of workplace ethics and workplace etiquette

Workplace Application

  • identify and describe the type of work done while on work experience
  • use employability skills while on work experience
  • demonstrate a positive work ethic and meet performance standards of the workplace
  • use workplace-specific skills while on work experience
  • identify how a workplace problem can be analyzed/solved
  • identify the transferable skills acquired from in-school courses that were used during work experience placements (e.g. accounting, applied math, carpentry, mechanics, video production,cooking, writing, computer skills, presentation skills

Students interested in learning more about work experience should see Mr. Fisher in the Careers Department.

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