What is a Co-operative Education?

Co-operative Education is a one-semester program that includes two academic courses, (English 11, Social Studies 11) and Career Transitions 12, Work Experience 12A and 12B.

Students receive the required number of hours of instruction for each course and all curricular material is covered. The co-op program is designed to enhance a student’s education through incorporating work experience into their program.

Work Experience is intended to assist in preparing students for the transition from secondary school to the world of work or further education and training. The community becomes the classroom where students gain knowledge and experience about the work place and are provided with a frame of reference to review their career development goals. By extending education beyond the school, students will be able to access a wide and varied scope of work experience opportunities in the community.

Students participate in two three-week work experiences during one semester. They work five days a week and eight hours a day in a career field that is suited to their abilities and interests.

Work experience allows the students to:
* gain knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to be successful in the world of work
   and understand the relevance of the school curriculum;
* gain experience in the work place and develop an understanding of personal potential
   in order to reflect on and make career decisions;
* develop an understanding of effective work habits and the importance of flexibility in
   dealing with change and challenge in the work place;
* develop employability skills; and gain insight into possible future career options.

Careful thought to the type of work placement the student requests is very important, so the maximum benefit of the experience can be obtained. Parent and student involvement in the choice of a work placement is of utmost importance.

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