Benefits of Co-operative Education

There are many benefits for Students participating in a Co-operative Program.  For example:  

Course and Curriculum Advantages:

  • one semester program;
  • two work experiences within one semester which equal eight grade 12 credits;
  • one or two teachers for all courses;
  • all co-op students will receive teacher support to complete their Graduation Transitions, but will not receive credit/mark until grade 12;
  • opportunities for field experiences that could not otherwise be included. You will not miss work in other classes and have to catch up.

Work Experience Advantages:

  • an opportunity to experience a career area that interests students on a first hand basis, to build skills and knowledge, to see and to participate in specialized areas;
  • students can find answers to: “Is this what I see myself doing in my future?”
  • open the doors for summer and after school jobs, allowing students to network and build contacts;
  • six weeks of work experience without missing instructional time;
  • an opportunity to increase student confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance.

Teacher Advantages:

  • matching of curriculum to teacher background. Each of our Co-op teachers is a specialist and is able to share his/her excitement and enthusiasm for their course content;
  • one or two teachers for the semester means that it will be easier for the teacher(s) to learn the classroom expectations and marking schemes;
  • Co-op teachers will be aware of student workload in all their classes for the one semester; therefore, consideration to due dates, test dates, and homework load can be more easily balanced.

Credit Related Advantages:

  • students will receive more credits (possible 20 credits instead of the usual 16) than can normally be earned within a semester. In addition, some of the grade 12 graduation
  • requirements can be completed within the grade 11 year;
  • through completing 180 hours of work experience for 12A and 12B, students also get credit for their 30 hours of work experience needed for their Graduation Transitions;
  • work experience counts toward GPA;
  • helps with university/college program applications;
  • work toward a Career Education/Focus Area Graduation Certificate.

Other Related Advantage(s):

  • opportunities for networking, collaboration and teamwork. Peers need to be able to work together in a friendly, non-competitive way – we build a network of relationships, shared experiences and growth.

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